Ahn, et al. v. Yao, et al.,

L.A.S.C. Case No. BC 362 109.

New Owner Botches Condominium Conversion in Building Occupied by Elderly and Disabled Persons and their families. A new owner of a residential apartment building in Encino, CA took possession of 23 units and attempted to sell units to incumbent tenants without a valid final public report, and by implementing coercive “buy or get out in 30 days” marketing tactics.  The owner employed his manager and real estate agent to hold tenant sales meetings and engaged in dangerous cosmetic construction projects without using proper safeguards, including removing and storing new and used toilets in public hallways and hiring day-laborers from “Home Depot” as contractors working in occupied units.  The firm successfully obtained a preliminary injunction barring the landlord from issuing further improper eviction notices as well as prevailed at the first trial with a final verdict of over $1,000,000, and issuance of a permanent injunction and penalty damages.

ResultCase partial settlement and partially reversed on appeal and retried.