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Here at the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, we tailor our practice to the specific needs of both business institutions and individuals. Mr. Kar has knowledge and experience in a variety of personal and business matters and can give you a workable solution to your immediate needs. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a case analysis, please contact us today.

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Joseph M. Kar has been practicing law in California for over 15 years. After New York Law School conferred his Juris Doctorate, Mr. Kar founded the firm in 2000, and has since provided quality legal representation for business and personal needs to hundreds of clients and organizations consisting of 1000+ members, and attaining recoveries in plaintiff matters totaling over $10,000,000 and savings for his clients in defense matters over $50,000,000 in potential risk exposure.

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Mr. Kar puts a lot of himself in a lot of cases. When he took down the “evil-landlord” who tried to evict 40 elderly and disabled tenants in a botched condo-conversion, Mr. Kar argued that one “stands up” against a “bully,” and the jury should too.

Law is not one-size-fits-all, and it only rewards the things you prove not what you think or wish. That’s why Mr. Kar requires a personalized approach to the legal services the firm offers. Having represented all forms of people and businesses, Mr. Kar really finds that truth, justice, family, integrity, and multiculturalism is paramount to a fair and proper result.

“There is no choice” when it comes to trial and getting your justice, because the law mandates proof. So, you will often see Mr. Kar triplicating his efforts to secure vital evidence to win your case. As a result, expect to be vigilantly represented by a caring attorney that wants to get you the right solution for you, even if you might not be able to recognize or receive all the benefits immediately.

The firm has a mission to provide high quality legal work and counsel to individuals and businesses in California, nationally and internationally. The services offered are designed to be cost-effective and reflective of the specific needs of the clients in relation to the legal matter. While the firm cannot make any guarantees on the outcome of any matter, Mr. Kar has and will continue to skillfully and sensitively represent business-owners, individuals, and companies, in emerging and well established areas of business, and worked with entrepreneurs, investors, and inventors, in a variety of fields and industries—as well as with executives and their families.

The firm was graciously recognized for Mr. Kar’s work in the Tellez v. Hilton case in The Recorder for holding one of the top 50 highest verdicts awarded in 2011, which totaled nearly $5 million, including $242,500 in punitive damages and proof costs sanctions.

Mr. Kar was also commended for his role as first chair trial counsel by the Mayor of Lancaster for his Excellence in Trial Advocacy, in 2011.


Whether you are an individual or a business or many businesses, the firm can provide you with the highest level of legal and business work in a clear and concise manner. Please contact the firm to schedule a consultation with Mr. Kar about your requirements.

Get Your Legal Counseling

The firm offers active support to address potential legal issues before your issues turn problematic. Utilizing some of the latest technology and legal techniques, Mr. Kar can provide you a tailored answer to your legal dilemma and provide you a sensible plan.

Get What You Deserve

Mr. Kar is known by other attorneys and judges as a thorough and thought provoking advocate for “good”. He has taken on countless matters with the drive to detail his client’s pain, loss of money, and damages in a fully immersive way.

Work with a Good Lawyer

Joseph M. Kar not only has solid business experience in million dollar licensing and manufacturing enterprises, he has been and is repeatedly recognized by sitting judges and opposing counsel as a formidable attorney that advocates “good” work and “thinks out of the box”.

Review Your Case and Documents

Your case and case documents must be reviewed confidentially by an experienced California attorney. You will need to gather up all your documents and materials for the initial consultation.

Mr. Kar was able to totally eliminate and strike all the testimony offered by Mr. Hilton’s expert on biomechanical and kinesiology, after asking that expert only three questions on cross-examination. The trial court granted Mr. Kar’s motion to strike that expert’s testimony entirely.

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Practice Areas

The Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC is a business and legal consultancy with emphasis on business, real estate, technology, severe personal injury, and all facets of trial/litigation/arbitration.


In addition to assisting individuals and businesses with commercial and business strategy and counseling, the firm frequently represents clients in a wide variety of state and federal litigation and in arbitrations, such as breach of contract, fraud, violation of trade secrets, unfair trade or business practices, and in insurance coverage disputes, among other things.

Real Estate

The firm’s practice in real estate spans transactions, entitlements, leases, and disputes over ownership or rights to land or property related to the land, for both residential and commercial real estate. For any legal property matter, from Architectural and Zoning, the real estate practice has successfully resolved multiple-million dollar property disputes and claims.


Technology is unique on to the law because of the broad array of needs individuals and businesses require to be successful in present time. The firm provides entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, and their representatives competent and creative answers to contract problems and transactions, as well as considerations of risk and navigation through the murky government regulations that are not techno-friendly.

Severe Personal Injury

Someone severely injured in an incident will typically suffer more traumatic injuries including head or body injuries resulting in traumatic brain damage, amputation and complicated surgeries, and sometimes unfortunately permanent disability or wrongful death. The firm vigilantly takes on only seriously and severely injured people or their families, and uses creative and skillful lawyering of the evidence and witnesses to help secure the highest results for our clients.

Premises Liability

Premises liability refers to an injury caused by an unsafe environment or condition or activity on someone else’s land, including injury and harm resulting from criminal activities the owner should have known about at the time. The most common type of premises liability case is a “trip & fall,” but the firm has also represented victims of physical injuries, rape or other sexual assaults that were caused a failure of duty an owner had to provide adequate security, or by animal bites, defective elevator and elevator accidents, and by exposure to hazardous conditions or toxins.

Professional Liability and Malpractice

The firm has succeeded in multiple professional malpractice claims and cases, including businesses, attorneys, accountants, physicians and doctors, medical centers, and insurers. Time and evidence is often a factor in these types of cases so parties injured by a professional often have a limited time to file a claim or lawsuit.

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