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In addition to assisting individuals and businesses with commercial and business strategy and counseling, the firm frequently represents clients in a wide variety of state and federal litigation and in arbitrations, such as breach of contract, fraud, violation of trade secrets, unfair trade or business practices, and in insurance coverage disputes, among other things.

Real Estate

The firm’s practice in real estate spans transactions, entitlements, leases, and disputes over ownership or rights to land or property related to the land, for both residential and commercial real estate. For any legal property matter, from Architectural and Zoning, the real estate practice has successfully resolved multiple-million dollar property disputes and claims.


Technology is unique on to the law because of the broad array of needs individuals and businesses require to be successful in present time. The firm provides entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, and their representatives competent and creative answers to contract problems and transactions, as well as considerations of risk and navigation through the murky government regulations that are not techno-friendly.

Severe Personal Injury

Someone severely injured in an incident will typically suffer more traumatic injuries including head or body injuries resulting in traumatic brain damage, amputation and complicated surgeries, and sometimes unfortunately permanent disability or wrongful death. The firm vigilantly takes on only seriously and severely injured people or their families, and uses creative and skillful lawyering of the evidence and witnesses to help secure the highest results for our clients.

Professional Liability and Malpractice

The firm has succeeded in multiple professional malpractice claims and cases, including businesses, attorneys, accountants, physicians and doctors, medical centers, and insurers. Time and evidence is often a factor in these types of cases so parties injured by a professional often have a limited time to file a claim or lawsuit.


The firm regularly represent both employers and employees, including for claims and defenses on wage and hour claims, wrongful termination, hostile work environment, sexual assault or misconduct, benefits, discrimination, human resources, workers’ compensation, and unemployment are just a few of the many types of cases that fall under employment law.

Government Liability and Litigation

We handle cases concerning the liability of government, quasi-government, public utilities, police, and municipal groups for personal injuries and economic losses sustained by wrongful acts or acts of negligence, including, without limit, dangerous conditions on public roads, whistleblower claims, and qui-tam matters.

High Stakes Litigation

The firm tenaciously approaches both sides of complex high stakes litigation. High stakes cases include regulatory and securities issues, international matters, unfair trade or business practices, bankruptcy, restructuring, and trade secrets and intellectual property rights and disputes.

Crisis Management

The firm provides proactive strategies for keeping an individual or company reputation spot-free or in assisting the clients in circumstances that have reached a point of no-return. Beyond “damage control,” the firm can provide information-gathering, correcting media misinformation, assistance with criminal risk exposure, and helping to ensure that you have good options moving forward no-matter the legal outcomes.

Probate Litigation

Probate litigation refers to the contesting of a will or trust and how property of the deceased is to be distributed among beneficiaries. If you feel that an inheritance, trust, or your beneficial interests to an intestate decedent has been denied or unfairly compromised, you can and must immediately act on your rights including, considering things, such as a guardianship or trust contest, termination of trust lawsuits, claims for breach of fiduciary duty or intentional interference with expected inheritance, or even a will or trust contest or construction petitions.

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