Having a savvy trial attorney is a must in all high stakes conflicts.  Each perspective of the dispute faces significant risks and possible lost or better opportunities. The firm has years of experience in high stakes litigation – including, “bet the farm” and a defense against “scorched earth” litigation tactics–in a wide range of areas. Knowing that the ultimate goal is to give the client the advantage of all the best opportunities is the result that the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC fiercely commits to at all phases of a matter.

The firm provides thorough, aggressive business and legal support on all high stakes litigation matters, including, trade-secrets, IP and business disputes, regulatory and securities issues, international commercial and business matters, project management and finance, as well as representation of high-net worth individuals and families needing a better perspective.

High-risk litigation and trials require a steady practitioner known to take a no-nonsense approach to your case.  Whether the government is pressing you for records via a federal grand jury subpoena or your company is being charged with white collar matters that seem endless, Mr. Kar can help put you in the best position to plan through and minimize the trouble.

When there’s a lot to risk, you’ll need a trial attorney who understands the whole picture and is able to devise you a bulletproof strategy in order to reach the most favorable solution.