Professional liability and malpractice cases encompass claims and lawsuits where a professional in certain fields –such as legal, accounting, hospital, medical doctors, and licensed companies and individuals in the real estate or construction industry– owes a special obligation and fails to adhere to the standards of their profession.  When you hire a licensed professional, you are expecting and should receive professional quality.

When professionals fail to provide the proper service level to meet the governing standard of care, policy or ethics, and someone suffers a tangible loss, an aggrieved party must prove the incompetence or negligence or intentional wrong.  The issue of malpractice might be the result of the failure to disclose risk to the client or the failure of an affirmative duty or, the misuse of client funds, or unfortunately something worse might have occurred.

But, in matters of professional liability and malpractice, it is important to take action quickly because, in many cases, state law sets a very specific deadline for filing a lawsuit, typically no more than one or two years after the injury date unless certain special exceptions apply.

From surgical errors that could have been avoided to an accountant’s total carelessness in the preparation or filing of a sub-chapter S status, or a lawyer or paralegal’s mis-calendaring the winning hearing or filing date, to a real estate broker’s failure to notify you of a material defect, or a stock broker’s churning or bad advice, Mr. Kar provides aggressive and ethical representation for our clients to nail down the truth and get you the compensation you are entitled to.

The Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC offers outstanding representation, counseling, and advocacy in all areas of professional malpractice and liability claims, including taking your worthy case all the way through trial and appeal, and against law firms, businesses, individuals, physicians, medical centers, brokers, accountants, architects, and other fields.

When your matter involves complex professional liability against a lawyer, law firm or legal professional such as a paralegal, for failing to act competently, ethically, fraud, sexual misconduct, or other personal or business wrong resulting in harm or damage, you need a lion in the courtroom like Mr. Kar. The firm has succeeded time and time again in taking the most complex of the life-changing breaches in malpractice cases involving un-professional conduct, failures to act competently, or violations of duties of loyalty, confidence, prudent investing, or law, and simplifying the issues for the jury.