Landlord Leased Dilapidated Ground Floor of a Residential Building to a Four-Stage Equity Theatre Group.


A small theatre group signed a commercial lease for a four-stage theatre on the ground floor of a historical property in Hollywood, CA zoned only for residential units.  The landlord disclaimed liability for the commercial lease and argued that the tenant was responsible for obtaining a zoning variance for the ground floor despite never having knowledge of the zoning restriction or ever owning the property.  During the tenancy, the theatre group also suffered with really gross conditions such as fecal flooding from the dilapidated plumbing and landlord’s regular delay in repairs to the residential units.  Mr. Kar was hired to represent the theatre company in an unlawful detainer proceeding as well as to prosecute the landlord for fraud in the lease, breach of lease, and other tenancy claims.  After litigation commenced, another sewage leak caused the theatre company was forced to vacate and transfer thousands of pounds of theatre equipment.


Result: Confidential Six-Figure Settlement.