$205,000 arbitrator award against billionaire Broadcom mogul who refused to pay wages and created a hostile work environment for workers. Mr. Kato was not paid wages and misclassified as an independent contractor. After extensive litigation in two courts and various appeals, and efforts to settle, the arbitrators entered an award finding that the independent contractor agreement was void including any confidentiality provision, and awarding Mr. Kato unpaid wages of $205,000, although the arbitrators thereafter found that tort claims presented required that all parties share in costs of the proceedings. That award was confirmed by the Los Angeles Superior Court, and a movie relating to the subject matter is being contemplated given the dramatic nature of the facts and circumstances.

Mr. Kar single-handedly took on representation of Mr. Kato in all arbitration proceedings against Morrison Forester, Quinn Emmanuel, et al., and Williams Connelly, et al., while the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Securities Exchange Commission were investigating and prosecuting criminal charges against Mr. Kato’s former employers, involving drugs, prostitution, and an unground lair and secret locations used for illicit conduct and behavior.

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Los Angeles Times article 7/18/2007

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