Former Principals Accused of Uniform Trade Secrets Violations for Copying “Look and Feel” and Stealing Common “Keywords” in Online Marketplace.

Disputing former partners operating an early online wholesale marketplace for electronic merchandise were sued for, among other things, violation of California’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act after opening a competing business.  The firm was hired as lead trial counsel to defend Netdropshipper, and successfully had the court deny the Plaintiff’s application for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction, as well as single-handedly upheld the denial in the second district court of appeal.  Plaintiff did not relent and continued to prosecute the case until one day before trial when the Plaintiff filed a surprise request for dismissal.  After dismissal was entered, Mr. Kar’s motion for attorneys’ fees and costs was granted on the grounds that the Plaintiff filed a claim for violation of the uniform trade secrets act in “bad faith.”

Result: Defense prevailed and attorneys’ fees and costs recovered by court order and paid.