Vosogi v. Bank of America (Studio City Branch),

L.A.S.C. EC 038 603.

Bank Misconduct – Lost Safety Deposit Box. A bank customer holding an account at the Studio City branch of Bank of America for many years was told that the bank could no longer locate his safety deposit box and that all the records were lost.  After several months of pre-litigation discussions with the customer, Mr. Kar was hired as trial counsel for Mr. Vosogi and commenced litigation.  The bank at first denied that Mr. Vosogi ever had a safety deposit box.  When evidence established that Mr. Vosogi had been paying for a safety deposit box for over 4 years, the bank agreed to a physical inspection of the vault and to attempt to open all the safety deposit boxes using the customer’s key.  After a three or four hour search, the safety deposit box was found and its contents were withdrawn.

Result:  Case Settled and Attorney’s Fees and Costs Recovered.