Business partnership disputes arise for a variety of reasons. Whether your core dispute is a personal disagreement, hidden family contention such as divorce, accusations of “stealing,” unfaithful conduct, or failing business model, business partners must turn-around the “ugly” into a working and better business once again.  When one partner or group commits corporate waste or engages in conduct amounting to self-dealing or demented corporate behavior such as ultra vires acts, only a licensed attorney can represent the company but only a skilled attorney can provide you the right roadmap to securing your interests.

Perhaps your business partner has failed to complete a contract obligation, or is engaging in business dealings that are not in the company’s best interest or diverting that business for self-interest.  In situations such as these, careful legal planning and strategy must be employed to protect the business, its assets and sometimes your personal investment of time and money.  Mr. Kar has avoided total business disruption in some cases, and in others, he has shut-down the concern and litigated the matter through bankruptcy successfully.

The firm has serves clients in different industries suggesting and crafting effective and low-risk beneficial solutions in some of the most tremendous of business partnership disputes. Mr. Kar uses, not only his extensive legal knowledge, but also his own over 20 years of direct business experience in global sourcing and international vendor manufacturing for companies such as Bianchini & Capponi Spa, Disney Stores Inc., and Puppet Trading, Inc.

Having a strong understanding of the business details helps to resolve any disagreement, so Mr. Kar delved into your work to source the dispute at its origin and address remedies for the future.  Sometimes it takes time, patience, research, and giving the client a fully immersive perspective of the disputing parties’ real issues.  For instance, some disputes can be solved through strategic negotiation or mediation, but in other more difficult situations, shining a camera on the most egregious character in a thorough deposition under oath may be necessary.

Mr. Kar has tackled all sorts of business problems with a good success rate and has achieved world-news recognition for his legal skill in prosecuting and defending clients in business disputes of all forms.  The firm has consistently been hired in business partnership disputes involving stealing or theft of valuable company property or trade secrets, disputes among general or limited partners or limited liability companies, for breach of contract or fiduciary duty, derivative shareholder actions, shareholder disputes, indemnity, fraud, and other more complex matters.