Business law encompasses a diverse array of legal arenas. How a business can be formed and managed. Business strategy and consulting.  Legal Risk Exposure and Complex or delicate Litigations or Arbitrations.  Business matters always require skilled counsel that knows fraud and breach of contract claims, legal particulars on intellectual property and disputes external to the client and internally, but this firm goes further to predictive considerations and identification of the business and risk exposure moving forward.

Well beyond insurance coverage, debt collection, judgments, the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC has helped commercial enterprises and entrepreneurs working in all forms of business.  Whether the matter is a violation of trade secrets, failure to timely deliver Kazakhstani perishable goods trans-shipped through Romania to the Russian Federation using a U.S. based company, or a business conversion by your once trusted partner, friend, or family member, Mr. Kar has assisted in some of the most intricate of transactions and complicated trial and appellate matters with a high success rate in his preceding 15 legal years and over 20 years of real world business experience.

Some business litigation focuses on the aspects of how a company is formed, run or handles money, and other business litigation involves commercial attributes of the business which is more involved with the “how” the company’s product(s) is made and “what”  it does or did, as well as “where” it is distributed and sold.  Mr. Kar counsels companies and individuals on all these phases with a trained perspective and sharp risk/reward analysis.

As there are a wide variety of industries in which business is conducted, such as computer or technology, media, real estate and investments, you will rest after knowing that the legal hurdles you will face are in the hands of a firm giving good practical guidance drawn upon years of business and trial tested experience.

In order to make sure your legal rights are being protected every step of the way, Mr. Kar is personally available to provide counseling and advice to select clients early in the contract negotiation process, or faced with an imminent Monday deadline court proceeding –and it is now Saturday mid-morning for you.

There may also be some situations that are not so pressing but which you would benefit from a fresh perspective before (and sometimes after) the business transaction or legal filing is due.  Stop navigating the legal side of your multi-million dollar business or business litigation and trial without a “real trial attorney,” * –the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC can help maximize your situation and even sometimes turn around the most unfavorable of business dispute.


*              Words used by Former California Court of Appeal Justice, Honorable Charles Vogel (Ret.), describing Mr. Kar after mediation, where Mr. Kar rejected a settlement offer of $2,500,000 for the client while an appeal was pending. The civil case settled shortly after for $3,500,000 and the criminal case resulted in a recovery of a criminal restitution award over $800,000, both in favor of the client Mr. Kar represented as first chair trial counsel and through post-trial motions.