A business, no matter how large or small, can face serious threats to company operations and revenue when they become exposed to commercial disputes or litigation. Although many areas of business overlap, commercial transactions require a lawyer to have solid understanding of a wide range of facts, laws, and regulations.  Mr. Kar is skilled in tailoring to your needs and has direct experience in domestic and international commercial disputes as well as been first chair trial counsel in litigation or arbitrations cumulatively disputing rights to over $10,000,000 in commercial claims.

Whether your business concerns, hemp from China, steel from Russia, or quarried marble trans-shipped through Portugal, the fundamental business object will always be negatively impacted without the proper guidance and counseling, for attorneys such as Mr. Kar.  In the past, the firm has represented both domestic and international entities and individuals, regarding transactional and litigation matters.

When you need advice on detailed aspects of business that are involve commercial law, you will need an attorney that understands, what six sigma or TQM means or whether you have a security/stock or marketing, banking, collections, trade, or advertising related or combined issue.  For your commercial legal needs, you can go to the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PCyou’re your business conflicts, including,

  • Financial transactions (tangible or intangible rights, licenses, assets or property)
  • Intellectual Property, Development, Sales, Purchase, Warranty, Supply or Purchase Chain Operators, Construction or Commercial projects and tie-in, Loss-Sharing or Revenue Sharing Agreements, or other business or commercial transactions
  • Commercial Transactions, interference with contract or business relations
  • Regulatory compliance, proceedings, and legal matters
  • Corporate control or commercial enterprise issues or structure

Mr. Kar has years of experience both representing clients involved in commercial disputes as well as real-world professional expertise in domestic and global business matters. And, the firm provides expert level legal representation to clients facing important commercial disputes through arbitration and litigation or trial.  When involved in a high-risk commercial disputes, protect your business and the bottom line by turning to the expert legal services offered by the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar PC.  We have taken on the most complex of commercial disputes and consistently devised winning strategies and proactive measures to ensure good results for our clients.