Breach of contracts or corporate disputes with individuals, partners, businesses, domestically or internationally, have to be treated with respect.  Although some contract disputes can start over one side by arguing ambiguous reasons, or the corporate issue challenging a co-adventurer’s stealing, only a trial attorney will help you get to the heart of the problem.

Even the largest, most successful businesses or corporations may become involved in such disputes, in fact, expect it to happen if you do not already have proper contract safeguards or administration, or have had more than one squabble on how things run.  If you need good counsel on the law and on business matters, please contact Mr. Kar for advice.

The Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC has first-hand trial, arbitration, and mediation experience in all facets and areas involving business and corporate matters.  Mr. Kar has worked as outside general counsel for Netgiro, NA, (Acquired by Digital River, NASDAQ: DRIV), Microdyme, Inc. (Acquired by Softbank Venture funded iBoost), and as counsel for other brilliant and successful entities and individual.

The firm is committed to supporting its clients facing high-profile and bet-the-farm business, contract, and corporate battles and disputes.  Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, vendor, licensee, or anywhere in the supply chain, or a commercial or individual buyer, needing vital legal counsel, Mr. Kar has been respected for his advocacy in all phases of trial, arbitration, administrative matter, appeal and in resolving private investigations/disputes.

The key is knowing the standards of the industry, the nuances of the situation, and getting the parties to see the real scope of the issue.  The unshakable work Mr. Kar pursues often brings a new perspective, after diligent work to uncover the truth.  Not only will we provide you with thorough, aggressive legal representation, you will no doubt gain from Mr. Kar’s valuable insight and perspective about the transaction, business and corporate dispute, to hopefully prevent potential contract disputes in the future.

Among other of your contract or corporate litigation needs, please consider the firm for your,

  • Prosecution and Defense of Claims, Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation or Trial in any Federal or State Court (in California State courts or pro hac vice otherwise)
  • Advise and Counseling on Commercial Transactions and Regulations
  • Business Consulting and Global Sourcing or Process Improvement
  • Collection and/or Enforcement of Agreements and Debts
  • International Transactions and Law
  • Negotiations and Trial or legal proceedings involving Agreements and Commercial Documents or Negotiable Instruments
  • Personal Property or Equipment Leases or Sales or Loans
  • Business or Corporate Structure & Process Development, Improvement, or Refinement
  • Transaction Escrow Services
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and Convention on International Sale of Goods
  • Vendor/Vendee Liability and Risk of Loss
  • Secured Transactions, Licensee, Inventor, Investor, or Financier Liability