A lawsuit against a government entity is typically a much more complicated process than a lawsuit against a private citizen or company.  There is likely to be a lengthy list of limitations, immunities, or privileges that will stop you cold, and a total bar of your claim unless a timely claim is filed in most cases.  So, bringing claims against a local or federal or quasi-government official or agency or entity, for an abuse or some other kind of violation, requires only an experienced, well-respected, and formidable attorney such as Joseph M. Kar, Esq.

The kind of claims, proceedings and lawsuits the firm undertakes varies from internal proceedings and administrative actions, to civil rights and constitutional challenges, which including abuse/discrimination, violations of 42 U.S.C. § 1983, claims under the Federal Alien Tort Claim Act, as well as, actions for recovery of forfeited or confiscated property.  The firm is also skilled in raising strong cases against the government for torts and contract claims as well as brining actions for dangerous conditions or conduct by government employees or on public property.

In addition, Mr. Kar has represented many plaintiffs in claims and cases involving government liability, public utilities, police abuse, and municipal agencies on personal and business matters. The firm has represented clients on a variety of claims and lawsuits against cities, counties, and various agencies administered by the U.S. government.