Working in or with foreign nationals and countries requires a subtle understanding of culture, language, and a conglomeration of laws and regulations.  The Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC helps companies and individuals with international dealings and directly addressing your international business and legal requirements with prior experience.  Mr. Kar has had direct experience with working in Italy, Russia, Sweden, England, Thailand, and other countries.  Whether your needs are simple or complex, we encourage you to contact our offices for your international requirements.

Many aspects of doing business abroad that can only lead to legal complications and result in the need speak to someone who can trouble-shoot all sorts of mishaps.  If you own a business or are conducting business matters in an international capacity, expert legal assistance could not only protect your revenue and assets, but also protect your business from future transactional disputes.

The firm provides thorough representation and counseling on all aspects of international business matters, including the sale of goods, technology transfer, corporate social responsibility, regulation of foreign direct investment, as well as licensing and intellectual property conducted in a cross-cultural capacity.

Mr. Kar offers you his expert assistance on understanding in the complexities of international business and commercial law, and in handling claims with respect to the legal aspects of private transactions in which goods or services must cross national borders.  He has years of experience with international business managing and client relations as well as an in-depth knowledge of international law.  His multicultural perspective has proven to be incredibly useful in helping clients resolve disputes that extend overseas and elsewhere.

The firm can help you with all of the following and more,

  • Consulting on California and United States laws
  • Collection and/or enforcement of judgments, agreements and debts
  • Advice and counseling on transactions and regulations
  • Prosecution and defense of claims and litigation in the United States
  • International coordination of prosecution and defense of claims and litigation
  • Negotiation, review, and drafting of international agreements and documents
  • Global sourcing and business consulting
  • International transactions and law