The Uniform Commercial Code is the basic State law all business and commercial enterprises must follow in the United States when it comes to most sales, banking, leases, secured transactions, and other regulated business and commercial activities.  For example, the UCC covers activities such as the electronic transfer of funds, letters of credit, bulk transfers and sales, investment securities, collections, promissory notes and drafts, and bank deposits.

The firm dedicates a good portion of the business practice to helping business and individuals navigate the murky issues arising from all kinds of risks in commercial and business transactions.  Although many areas of business overlap, commercial transactions require a solid understanding of a wide range of facts, laws, and regulations.  An attorney with a solid grasp of the UCC benefits businesses and streamlines the buying and selling process tremendously.

In order to get the full benefit and protection of the law, it is imperative to maintain a smart business operator closely adheres to the procedures outlined in the UCC but also to the wise counsel of an attorney like Joseph M. Kar, Esq.  Mr. Kar has skills to serve your needs, whether your business concerns, hemp from China, steel from Russia, or unfinished marble trans-shipped through Portugal.  The fundamental business objective will always be negatively impacted without the proper guidance and counseling.

The Law Office of Joseph M. Kar PC provides superior representation in all areas related to the Uniform Commercial Code including claims, arbitrations, trial and appeals pertaining to any suspected or actual violation of the UCC. We offer sophisticated advocacy and aggressive counseling to selected clients who are involved in high-value proposals, transactions, or disputes, that fall under UCC madates.