The Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC has broad experience in employment litigation and has represented employers and employees in all forms of claims including without limit, sexual harassment, rape at work, wrongful termination or retaliation, whistleblower, shadow investigation or pre-emptive reviews, prosecution or defense of executives or officers or their claims and trial matters, as well as advice and counsel to businesses and individuals.

Although common themes in discrimination and harassment claims exist, there is a wide spectrum of work that Mr. Kar is known for in employment cases.  The firm has provided solid representation to clients in litigation and trial matters involving unfair or improper payment of wages, denial of benefits, discrimination (in age, gender, orientation, religion, national origin, and for appropriate accommodations).  In addition, Mr. Kar has been the first-hand responder to clients who suffered sexual misconduct or assaults, been ignored in reporting an employer’s illegal conduct or in whistle-blowing claims to the government in financial and other matters, and in very-hostile work environment cases.

These are just a few of the many types of cases that the firm has handled to the client’s satisfaction.  Whether the claim or defense is individual or class action, or against an employer or third-party contractor, the firm works diligently and provides aggressive representation to deliver the best outcome for our clients, no matter how complex the case might be.

Mr. Kar has personally recovered millions of dollars in verdicts, awards and settlements, as well as saved individuals and businesses tens of millions of dollars in legal exposure in such cases as, and including, disputes in arbitration and denial of stock grants or options, and dissipation or dissolution of incentive or bonus compensation as well.  This firm will give you top-notch legal counseling and strong advocacy in all aspects of employment litigation.  So, please seek the advice of the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar PC for a professional that speaks the language of your C-level officers and knows how to bring the right perspective to the directorship of your company in the most difficult of personal circumstances and cases relating to employment law.


Related Cases:

Kato v. Level 7, et al.

AAA Case No. 73 170 Y 16228 08

$205,000 arbitrator award against billionaire Broadcom mogul who refused to pay wages and created a hostile work environment for workers. Mr. Kato was not paid wages and misclassified as an independent contractor.


Smithers v. Human Engines,

S.D.S.C. Case No. 37-2011-00101976-CU-PT-CTL

Confidential Settlement.  Founding Chief Technology Officer and first employee of a start-up was terminated and denied equity and mistreated by the founding directors.  The case was filed as a petition to compel arbitration and arbitration subsequently ensued.  The matter was ultimately resolved in a private mediation before Hon. Michael A. Latin of ADR Services, Inc., Century City office.


Luck v. O.T.X., et al.,

U.S.D.C. Case No. 10 CV 01671 SVW (PJWx)

Confidential Settlement.  A prominent founding member of O.T.X., formerly a market research company, hired Mr. Kar to investigate and pursue claims against her former employer for denial of incentive bonus and mistreatment during and after employment.  The case was heard before the United States District Court, by Hon. Stephen V. Wilson, and resolved shortly after filing.

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