Mr. Kar has personally handled transactions and litigation matters including trial and appeals, for real estate disputes worth over $60,000,000 and the firm regularly assistance owners, buyers, sellers, investors, funds, and real estate companies in all aspects of business, residential, financing, and commercial property matters.  Real estate litigation can involve state and federal issues and interfacing with the proper government entities.

Understanding real estate laws is a challenging task as it has to start with recognizing that real estate intersects all areas of law and government agencies.  For example, common among real estate disputes is defining rights and entitlements between the landowner or landlord, the owner of structures that are permanently attached to the land, or tenants, beneficiaries, life-tenants, squatters, or licensees; in relation to personal property rights or mineral rights.

Intangible property rights or obligations are also some of the most hotly litigated cases, since proper owners have vested interests and emotions in an ocean view interference claim or height restrictions to their structures, enforcing easements, or even contests among home-owners in a homeowners or property owners association, such as a condominium or co-op project.  Indeed, most of these real estate disputes concern one or more of the different types of property listed above.

The firm regularly represents parties in all kinds of real estate matters and has expertise in contract-related disputes involving high-value properties and rights or entitlements related to real estate property and interests.  Whether there is an escrow or title liability issue or basis for invalidity and restitution, if your property lines or encumbrances are intruded on, the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC has the knowledge and experience to address any real estate concern and find a solution to your important real estate dilemma.

This includes support for real estate property development, disputes over zoning and land use, interference with subjacent or lateral support rights and entitlements, as well as all forms of easements and covenants, and development agreements or financing issues.

Mr. Kar has also resolved disputes involving landlord-tenant rights, real estate sales and foreclosures, and matters challenging ownership and inheritance rights. From real estate of agricultural land to zoning variances to adjoining land through trial and appeal, the firm’s real estate practice satisfies all kinds of complexities for all sorts of environments.