For businesses, property rights cases often concern zoning, construction rights, permitting, and the authorized use of land. The legal processes required to develop land for any specific purpose – residential, commercial, or otherwise – are a component of property rights, entitlements, and interests litigation. Depending on factors like zoning, local ordinance, and countless others, such processes can be quite complex and potentially controversial. However, strict adherence to legal mandates protects against expensive future complications.

When property rights abuses do occur, Joseph M. Kar is prepared to protect the interests of your business. Violations of your rights should not be tolerated, whether committed by the government, corporations, or any other entity. The Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC provides legal assistance to protect the rights of business property owners. Examples of property rights claims and disputes that the firm has handled include the following:

  • Subdivision Map Act and Subdivided Lands Act Violations
  • Real Property Encroachments and Ocean View Disputes
  • Contests on Application of Government Regulations that Limit Property or Construction Rights
  • Disputes and Litigation over Easements or Covenants to Land, including quiet title and violations of warranties
  • Title and Ownership Disputes, including challenges to ownership, lien priorities, and financial work-outs

The property entitlement process involves securing legal approval for the right to develop property for a specific use, which is often far more complex and time-consuming that one can imagine. The firm has also represented clients involved in disputes over both entitlements and real estate interests such as:

  • A mechanic’s lien or competing lien priorities filed against your property, clouding the title
  • Defects in the title resulting from failure to file or discovery previously recorded liens or judgments
  • Permit approval process and disputes for zoning, landscaping, utilities, or conditional use
  • Homeowner or Property-owner Association disputes, involving neighbors, board members or directors, and/or third parties.