Assault, Battery, and Mayhem are legal terms.  They involve some of the lowest form of behavior a member of a civil society has to offer and typically result in the worst types of injuries.  An assault is not only a tortious act, it is often used in combination with a threat to make a battery.  A battery can be a harmful or offensive contact intentionally or recklessly done.  But, Mayhem is not exactly what you think since the common law defines it as the ripping, tearing, or dismemberment of a relevant body part from a living human being.

Examples of mayhem include depriving another person of a body part or injuring them to the point where a hand, ear, or leg becomes permanently useless.  The Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC has represented victims of these crimes in civil court with or without a criminal conviction in place against the attackers.  In one recent case, Mr. Kar was able to force the used car dealer to pay over $155,000 in “Money Justice” as well as the firm obtained monetary sanctions for various misconduct the defense attorneys and their clients engaged in during the case.

Whether you are offensively touched by a kiss or smacked in the face by a blow, you need a trained trial attorney that knows how to get you the right evidence and has the advanced skills of Mr. Kar to secure a positive result in these types serious personal injury cases.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a violent crime, contact the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar PC for expert legal representation and advocacy. Depending on the degree of the assault, battery, or mayhem, you may have suffered serious injuries as well as medical bills and loss of income. The firm provides aggressive legal assistance in order to secure compensation for the damages you have experienced.


Related Case:

Lopez v. Chivas USA Cars & Trucks,

LASC Case No. BC 512 288.

Customer of a used car dealership making a complaint and demanding money back for the purchase of a defective BMW 335i was viciously attacked at Chivas USA Cars & Trucks in June 7, 2013.  The attacker bit off the top portion of Mr. Lopez’s ear and brutally slapped him in the head and face.  After engaging in complex litigation and coordinating with police agencies, the defense insurance attorneys capitulated and paid the mediator’s proposal amount of $155,000.  Also, during the trial proceedings, Mr. John Wilcoxson, Esq. and the Ginder Law Group had been repeatedly sanctioned for various discovery violations as well as to revive the case from default one time.