The firm provides excellent legal expertise and representation to injured parties and victims suffering severe personal injury and having to file a lawsuit to get “Money Justice.”  When an individual and family members become so twisted and turned up-side down by the traumatic event, and how un-caring the other side is typically, seeking compensation is just not enough.

But, for serious injuries, death, and disabling injuries, our laws mandate compensation for the result of wrongful and negligent conduct.  We make the at-fault party pay and the guilty we punish.  This includes drunk-driving or buzzed driving injury accidents, auto accidents, truck or tractor-trailer accidents, premises liability, wrongful death, pedestrian collisions, toxic exposure, third party liability, medical malpractice, assault, battery, sexual assaults and rape matters, among other things.

Sadly, insurance companies will always refuse to make a fair settlement for the injured victims and their families, a common occurrence for which this firm gladly provides aggressive legal strategies to pin-point the right evidence that has often resulted in increasing the value of a client’s case. In personal injury cases, insurance companies usually don’t really judge your claims by how severe your injuries are to decide on how much money they are willing to pay in a settlement, –insurance companies really look for a way to pay as little as possible.

Every real trial lawyer will tell you that only the jury will decide how much and the jury will definitely account for how severe this firm’s client’s personal injuries are in the amount of “Money Justice” and compensation awarded.  The skill in presentation of the client’s perspective of the injury is a key area of trial expertise Mr. Kar imparts to the jury and trier of fact will account for every treatment on the reasonable and necessary medical care outlined on the medical bills and how lost income ravished the victim.

Severe injuries can and may get worse and start as a concussion and then led to serious traumatic brain injuries or amputations, damage to organs, permanent or partial disabilities of the body and mind, diminished mental capacity, and sometimes even tragic deaths.  Not all harm caused by an accident or severe injury is physical—other kinds of harm include mental or emotional suffering and distress, depression, PTSD, stolen or damaged property, or loss of earning capacity for the future.

Victims of severe personal injury have a much better chance of receiving the best compensation with an experienced trial lawyer.  The firm has represented hundreds of clients in claims, trials, appeals, and arbitration matters involving severe personal injury, wrongful death, and major accidents.  Mr. Kar has personally succeeded in winning well over $10,000,000 in verdicts and settlements that have held liability and awarded damages against individuals and companies causing harm to this firm’s clients.

This firm works diligently to help our clients get the full and fair compensation for their injuries based on a fair view of the evidence and facts of your case.  Mr. Kar works to get you what you deserve, not what the other side wants to pay!