Severe personal injuries resulting from another party’s negligence are always devastating. Injuries inflicted by a person or party acting with the authority or the government are particularly insidious. In such cases, personal harm is exacerbated by the violation of one’s civil rights. Personal injury and civil rights lawsuits intersect when an abuse of governmental authority causes trauma, as in incidences of police brutality or prison abuse.

Civil rights violations cases involve the exploitation of power by state actors, such as police officers or prison personnel. Sometimes, as in police brutality cases, the violation is an expression of outright violence. In other instances, injury is caused by negligence, including the refusal of appropriate medical care to incarcerated persons leading to a worsened condition or even death. When personal harm is directly induced by a state actor, there are likely grounds for a civil rights violations lawsuit.

Shocking examples of civil rights violations have been capturing recent headlines. Notably, the gross abuse of power by law enforcement officials has led to intense national concern over the way our society is policed. The mistreatment of individuals in police custody and on the streets resulting in serious injury and even death perpetuates the current public panic over civil rights violations by authority figures. Such abuses of power erode the people’s trust in those who are supposed to protect them, and are absolutely unacceptable. It is imperative to enforce the message that the horrific treatment of American citizens will not be condoned. Joseph M. Kar P.C. is highly engaged in the fight to defend your liberties. In a country built on principles of freedom and equality, such rampant and violent violations of personal rights are the ultimate disgrace.

For most people, the notion of pursuing legal action against the government is intimidating. However, when a person employed to protect the rights of the people instead abuses or denies them, the offense should be taken very seriously. An attorney experienced with civil rights law can ensure that malefactors are held responsible for their actions. These cases deviate from standard personal injury litigation, and can be complex. Joseph M. Kar P.C. is committed to defending your rights, even when the government has denied them. If you or a loved one has fallen victim to civil rights violations, contact the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar P.C. for representation. Compensation is attainable, and justice is not out of reach. Contact the office at 818-501-6930.