Business and property owners have an obligation to protect their customers from criminal acts and attacks. Of course, crime is not always foreseeable or preventable. However, when it is determined that property or business owners were aware or should have been aware of a risk of criminal activity, yet failed to take appropriate measures to protect customers, they may be held liable for any injuries resulting from criminal acts. The Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, P.C. is dedicated to enforcing the message that opening customers to any type of attack is absolutely unacceptable, and not a profitable decision.

In today’s cutthroat economy, businesses are subject to immense pressure to cut corners in the name of profit. The temptation is dangerous, especially in environments that serve a high volume of customers. When businesses and establishments gamble with essential safety arrangements – such as emergency exits, fire code mandates, facility security, and more – they gamble with the lives of their customers. When acts of violence, destruction, arson, and other criminal behaviors occur, they are liable to escalate into avoidable tragedies.

Likewise, when businesses fail to adequately protect customer information obtained through transactions and related matters, they can leave thousands, or even millions of people vulnerable to identity theft, financial crimes, and other breaches of personal privacy and security. Often, sensitive customer information is compromised by intentional technological crimes. Customers are entitled to the same protection from such acts as they are from physical crimes, and businesses must be held to the same standards of security. The Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, P.C. handles technology cases on a regular basis. The firm possesses the legal expertise required to obtain justice for the victims of these elusive criminal acts.

In the instance of third party criminal attacks, establishing “foreseeability” is highly subjective and the topic of much debate. Thus, it is essential to seek skilled legal counsel when pursuing a premises liability lawsuit regarding a third party criminal attack. Immediate action is imperative when your safety has been erroneously compromised by business interests. If you or somebody close to you was injured during a criminal act that reasonably should have been prevented by property or business owners, do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar P.C. at 818-501-6930 for adept legal representation. Compensation for injuries and trauma may be attainable.