Coping with the loss of a loved one is a difficult burden to bear, especially in the event of a wrongful death.  If a family member’s death was caused by the wrongful or intentional acts, or negligence of another party or entity, such as an automobile defect, poisoning, or other calamity, you have the right to file a wrongful death claim in order to receive compensation for your loss.

There is much undeserved criticism surrounding the supposed “high awards” openly being handed out in California. However, California’s litigation process has become increasingly more difficult to navigate for any victim who suffers undue harm or damage from the death of a loved one or family member.

It is important to first recognize the inherent consequences and harm that comes from the in-actions or bad acts that cause serious injury or death.  It is very important to recognize that insurance companies fight, fight hard, and will not relent even after a verdict or judgment is entered.  For the aggrieved and injured, the concern remains whether they and their family can continue their lives as good as before the loss or injury or death.

The unfortunate truth is that serious injuries or the death of someone you love affects everything for that point forward.  At the opposite end, those people or companies that should be liable for damages under our system of laws, require legal proof of liability and your damages.  Sometimes, the defense uses the appeals process to delay your recovery or to leverage a cheap settlement and compromise.

This firm regularly and successfully represents plaintiffs, as well as defends certain parties in legal proceedings involving severe personal injuries and wrongful death.  The Law Office of Joseph M. Kar PC has been and is here to help you through tough times of grief by providing complete legal representation and advocacy to fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, beneficiaries or dependents of the deceased.

Please let Mr. Kar help guide you through your complex wrongful death claim, and work diligently to make sure you are provided a good lawyer to get justice for your lost loved one.


Related Case:

Martin, et al. v. HD Supply

dba WhiteCap Construction Company and David Allen Rose, L.A.S.C. Case No. SC 111 993.

Arthur Martin was driving his wife to work that day and came to a stop at the intersection of Sunset Blvd. on Whittier Drive, right at the edge of the City of Beverly Hills where dead-man’s curve terminates.  When Arthur saw the opposing traffic light turn red and the light in front of him turned green, Arthur entered the intersection at a regular speed and within one, two, three seconds, a 20,000++ lbs. Tractor Trailer truck smashed into the Martin family car, a Toyota Camry.  The Martins had affectionately named the car, Ethel.  The tractor trailer was driven by Mr. Rose and operated by WhiteCap Construction company, who totally denied fault for the accident and refused to capitulate liability even after the police recommended manslaughter charges be filed.  Instead, Mr. Rose “took the fifth” upon his insurance defense counsel’s advice, which caused the case to be stayed or frozen for nearly three years.  During the investigation, Mr. Kar uncovered evidence proving that Mr. Rose had been prescribed and consuming Extra Strength Vicodin of the preceding 30 days prior to the accident, which Mr. Rose obtained from his dentist.  Mr. Rose told police he took the Vicodin at night for a “frozen shoulder.”  After a jury trial, the case was settled for $3,000,000 and judgment entered against HD Supply dba WhiteCap Construction Company and David Allen Rose in the Santa Monica Courthouse, on April 10, 2015.