Each day, millions of Americans use public transportation with the assumption that they’ll reach their destinations safely and efficiently. Most of the time, the commute goes according to plan. But when negligence causes accidents on mass transit, not only can personal injuries be sustained, but the people’s trust is injured as well.

Not all collisions, crashes, and accidents are preventable. However, when an incident occurs on mass transit due to operator, security, or maintenance errors, legal action is a possibility. Legal steps against regulating entities are complex, requiring thorough investigation and a nuanced understanding of the law. If you were injured in a mass transit accident, the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar P.C. can provide the skilled representation necessary to successfully handle the case. If the incident is one defined by negligence, Joseph M. Kar P.C. will fight for rightful compensation for medical bills, lost wages, suffering, and more. When you put your safety in the trust of mass transit, you should be confident that it won’t be compromised by negligence. Contact the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar P.C. at 818-501-6930 today.