Much undeserved criticism surrounds personal injury litigation and supposed “high awards” being handed out in California courts whimsically.  That is so far from the truth that real trial lawyers will tell you that it is typically a product of great insurance company and private company advertising.

The defense often also goes to the extreme lengths to get a jury to pre-judge a case and argue that courts are unfair and asks you to remember the McDonald’s case as a shining example of out of control juries handing out ridiculous sums in the millions.  But, the truth of the facts in that case is that the victim received third-degree burns in and around her inner thighs and private areas.  So we are all clear the third degree burns were a result of coffee being sold in open containers knowingly made too hot, and after that location was cited by the department of health multiple times for selling coffee at too hot a temperature.

You can only imagine how complex California’s litigation process has become and the difficulty for victims to navigate to get justice for their undue harm.  For the victims and injured, the concern remains whether they and their families can continue their lives as good as before the loss or injury.  The unfortunate truth is that serious injuries or the death of someone you love affects everything for that point forward.

At the opposite end, those possibly liable for damages and our system of laws and procedures demand legal proof of liability.  The Law Office of Joseph M. Kar regularly represents plaintiffs, as well as defends certain parties, in legal proceedings involving severe personal injuries and wrongful death.  The firm has and does win for clients who have suffered serious and disabling personal injury as a result of motor vehicle or truck accident and crashes of all kinds.

  • Car or Automobile crashes
  • Truck or Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian or Side-walk impacts
  • Railroad or Train accidents
  • Head-on collisions
  • Intersection and T-bone collisions and crashes
  • Single vehicle crashes

The Law Office of Joseph M. Kar PC offers experienced, aggressive legal representation to those involved in major accidents or crashes with serious injuries, no matter how complex.  We pride ourselves on our abilities to develop winning legal strategies for you.  If you or a loved one has been harmed in a vehicle accident, turn to the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar PC to tirelessly on your behalf to get you the best financial compensation for the damages you have suffered.


Related Cases:

Fernando Tellez v. Barron N. Hilton III,

LASC Case No. SC 101 538.

$4.9 million Verdict entered including $225,000 in punitive damages, and a separate award of nearly $20,000 of “proof-costs” against Barron N. Hilton, III for glazing Fernando Tellez, a gas station attendant who the jury found was hit by the car that Mr. Hilton “borrowed” from a friend and drove drunk. At the time, Mr. Hilton was not licensed to drive and offered the arresting officers a fake driver’s license.


De Los Angeles Perez v. UPS, et al.,

L.A.S.C. Case No. GC 036 822.

Confidential Settlement.  Maria was being driven home by a friend in a Honda Accord when that vehicle collided and was side-swiped by a Tractor-Trailer truck owned and operated by U.P.S.  Evidence revealed that the driver of the Honda was intoxicated and contributed to the accident.