Boating is embraced as an idyllic recreation by millions. Yet, the relaxing pastime can turn into a nightmare when an accident occurs. Boats of all sizes present inherent risks and dangers, regardless of their purposes and the bodies of water they maneuver. Strict regulations are in place for boats, and boating laws apply to virtually all lakes, rivers, reservoirs, oceans, and so on. Still, accidents often reveal that such standards have been overlooked or ignored entirely.

If you were involved in a boating incident, legal counsel is essential. The laws governing boats and waterways are complex and vary by region. A comprehensive assessment is instrumental to determining liability, legal options, and possible compensation. The involvement of multiple parties further emphasizes the importance of legal guidance. Joseph M. Kar is qualified to navigate the nuances of your boating accident so the optimal outcome can be achieved.

Boating accidents can result in injury, death, and expensive damage to the beloved vessel. Even more fines may be incurred, as waters are governed and policed. Don’t let your mishap keep you docked. Contact The Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC today.