For hundreds of millions of people across America, driving is a part of everyday life.  Most of the time, we totally ignore the risks associated with operating a truck or driving a car or motor vehicle– until crash.  With 253,000,000 cars on our roads, crashes are inevitable and serious crashes need to be handled by an experienced attorney or law firm.  In fact, some sources estimate that there are as many as 27,000 car accidents occurring daily.

Still, from a legal position, these are cases that are not simple because insurance companies and the defense attorneys have created traps and mine-fields for injured parties.  The possible variables contributing to collisions are nearly infinite and the insurance companies are inclined to drag you through litigation kicking and screaming out of frustration as long as possible, and up to years.

If you were involved in a car crash, good legal help is a must.  Luckily, the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar PC can help and has over 15 years experience making sure the victims of car crashes are guarded.  Let Mr. Kar drive your case no matter how complex, or multi-faceted your automobile or truck accident is, the firm has all the necessary recourses and more to navigate the sometimes difficult path you need to take to win real “money justice” for your serious and severe or disability injury.

You may know that you are not at fault, or that California law allows for comparative fault, which affords you a recovery even if you are partially at fault.  If you are unsure of how to proceed; or, you or family has sustained serious injuries, but you don’t know how to deal with the complications of the situation or don’t want to any further.  Or, if your accident was attributed to an automobile manufacturing failure or negligence of the mechanic in proper road maintenance or warning, or even if an employer let a bad driver make deliveries.  Regardless of the reason for the car accident, your situation should be reviewed and you should be represented by the skills offered by Law Office of Joseph M. Kar PC.

Mr. Kar will personally analyze the right perspective for your automobile accident claim, assess the best damages model for you, work with your doctors to help manage treatment for your severe or disability injuries, present an immersive view of the evidence of the defense’s fault and disregard, and factor in the important individual factors unique to your specific case.  Call upon the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar PC for your free no obligation consultation with a real professional.


Related Case:

Ryan v. Mathews

L.A.S.C. Case No. TC 025 545

Confidential Settlement.  Mr. Ryan was unsatisfied with his former attorney and was facing a trial date.  He was the passenger in a BMW 635i that was rear-ended by a Toyota Prius.  The impact was estimate less than 3 M.P.H. and resulted in a ¼ to ½ inch crack of the license plate bracket.  These types of cases are known as “MIST”, Minimum Impact Soft Tissue, cases.  When Mr. Kar was retained for trial, he was able to secure evidence showing that the force of impact was substantial and that the Prius driver was distracted and unreliable.