Drunk (DUI) or “buzzed driving” or drug involved accident cases may appear to be very straightforward to an untrained eye, and some other lawyers out there will make you believe that you have a “simple win” on your hands.  But these types of cases are often the hardest for a trial lawyer to prosecute because insurance companies will often deny liability or refuse to pay the verdict because their insured violated the law.  As a result, the real goal is not to prove s/he or the company did it, but to make sure to secure a recoverable claim.

Following an arrest for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or impaired driving, you have to realize that the person responsible for your harm and damages may not have the money to pay you or insurance enough to cover all your losses.  This is the truth of many serious personal injury cases such as drunk, drugged, or buzzed driving accidents.

While the BAC might have actually been above .08% (in your circumstance) or the driver admits to being so drunk that s/he could not remember driving, only the skills of a trial attorney such as Joseph M. Kar will you get the supporting evidence admitted in your court proceedings.

It’s not enough that the defendant pled no contest or guilty to DUI, if the your legal representation is absolutely unable to do more than blame the person that injured you.  It is imperative that you be able to prove your damages and injuries.  All too often a young or inexperienced attorney is too focused on proving and flaunting the liability surrounding the serious injury, and such an attorney runs out of time, or, sometimes even, does not know how to present that type of case to a jury or an insurance company adjuster.

The misperception that DUI/DWI proceedings are just simple enough for any old attorney to handle will only navigate you to sub-par results.  The Law Office of Joseph M. Kar PC has represented many injured parties in drunk, DUI/DWI, drugged or buzzed driving cases.  Indeed, in 2012, Mr. Kar received special recognition from the Mayor of the City of Lancaster and the Recorder for his work as first-chair trial counsel in Tellez v. Hilton, L.A.S.C. Case No. 101538, which Paris Hilton’s brother, Barron Nicholas Hilton III was found liable for the amount of over $4,500,000 plus punitive damages of $225,000, for drunk driving and causing permanent injuries to Fernando Tellez.

The Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC is driven to pursue the optimal outcome for your serious injury. Mr. Kar is well aware of the kinds of life changes that a victim of this type of crime suffers as he was once a victim of a drunk driver that rear-ended his vehicle at over 40 M.P.H. while stopped for a red light in Westwood, California.  Please let the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC assess your circumstance thoroughly, to account for any probable negligence or mismanagement on behalf entities employing intoxicated and impaired drivers.


Related Case:

Fernando Tellez v. Barron N. Hilton III,

LASC Case No. SC 101 538.

$4.9 million Verdict entered including $225,000 in punitive damages, and a separate award of nearly $20,000 of “proof-costs” against Barron N. Hilton, III for glazing Fernando Tellez, a gas station attendant who the jury found was hit by the car that Mr. Hilton “borrowed” from a friend and drove drunk. At the time, Mr. Hilton was not licensed to drive and offered the arresting officers a fake driver’s license.