Interstate passenger buses present unique opportunities for long-distance travel. The cost and convenience of bus travel makes it an attractive transportation option for many travelers. Yet when accidents occur, interstate buses also present a unique set of legal challenges.

Relative to personal automobile collisions, bus accidents are relatively rare. Still, there is always some risk inherent on the road. Due to large passenger capacity and a lack of safety restraints, bus accidents are likely to result in personal injury. Since buses are much larger than cars, they pose a particularly dangerous risk to other vehicles on the road in the case of a collision.

Not all traffic accidents are completely avoidable. However, if you were involved in an interstate bus crash or collision that resulted from negligence, legal options are available. Buses that travel through multiple regions are subject to nuanced, area-specific laws which may complicate legal action. Joseph M. Kar P.C. has the skills and experience to provide successful representation. Negligent or careless mass transit drivers and personnel threaten the personal safety of everyone on the road, and the consequences of collisions are physically and financially severe. Do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar P.C. today at 818-501-6930.