Pedestrians hit in motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of injury and death in the United States; and, in California, we have among the highest rate of pedestrian injury accidents in the country.  Our drivers are too busy texting, talking, grooming, or whatever, sometimes, to pay attention to people walking.  Even when the pedestrian is put at fault, the driver of vehicle is responsible to act prudently to safeguard the safety of pedestrians on the public road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates 5,000 deaths annually result from motor crashes involving pedestrians.  Pedestrian-related accidents are a common source of long running legal battles in the trial court and in appeals. Still, each life is unique and each crash has lives involved.  So, it is so critical you seek the right attorney before you jump to conclusions about your serious injury crash.

Many of these types of accidents involve pedestrians who think they have no recourse when in fact the employer or drivers of cars are almost always partially responsible, if not 100% liable.  In California, comparative fault is the rule of law and, basically, states that you are still entitled to a recovery for your injuries and damages whether or not you are an “at-fault pedestrian” since drivers in cars, trucks, and other vehicles are responsible for being vigilant. Though, the comparative fault rule lowers a recovery you might be awarded by your own percentage of fault that the jury or trier of fact might find you responsible for.

Whether you are involved as a pedestrian or as the operator of a vehicle, Mr. Kar has brought justice to the helpless and recovered millions of dollars for victims of pedestrian car crashes.  You need a good law firm, such as the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC, to work with you to get the best outcome and not just what the defense thinks you deserve.

The Law Office of Joseph M. Kar PC will evaluate every important factor contributing to your accident, including hiring experts, using electronic presentation and graphics for simulations for liability and damages, as well as work tirelessly to show how the injuries are serious, very serious, even if the defense won’t acknowledge it.  Then, Mr. Kar will feverishly track down any evidence or witness on any possible role of alcohol or drug intoxication, distracted or aggressive driving, and other variables – as well as the ultimate consequence.

In bringing your story to life, Mr. Kar will tell the jury YOUR story and not a plain white or vanilla version of the facts.  Mr. Kar has an old-soul and deep understanding of the pain and suffering you and your family has gone through and will use his expertise in the law and legal procedure to get the most relevant take and best evidence admitted.

Mr. Kar’s experience with severe injury and wrongful death litigation will prove instrumental to your case.  He is respected by his peers and been awarded recognition for his trial advocacy.  Don’t let your livelihood and life hinge on shock value or careless, impersonal conclusions of the defense.  Let the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar PC assess and investigate your facts and take into account the real qualities of your case to determine how ensure that you get “money justice.”


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Fernando Tellez v. Barron N. Hilton III,

LASC Case No. SC 101 538.

$4.9 million Verdict entered including $225,000 in punitive damages, and a separate award of nearly $20,000 of “proof-costs” against Barron N. Hilton, III for glazing Fernando Tellez, a gas station attendant who the jury found was hit by the car that Mr. Hilton “borrowed” from a friend and drove drunk. At the time, Mr. Hilton was not licensed to drive and offered the arresting officers a fake driver’s license.


Mendoza v. Nicholas Bell, et al.,

LASC Case No. BC 608 572.

Case currently pending Synopsis:  Hit-and-Run Pedestrian Truck Accident.  Pedestrian struck in the back of the head at or about 35 M.P.H. by the passenger side mirror of a black lifted-Ram 3500 truck.  Driver believed to be former Los Angeles Raider who fled from the scene of the incident, leaving the pedestrian injured with a concussion and thrown in the bushes.  Update: The Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC has discovered that the suspected driver is medically unfit and a party to the mass-tort litigation against the N.F.L. for concussions suffered by former professional football players.