In the face of personal health concerns, many considerations must be taken into account: what treatments are possible? What long- and short-term risks and benefits are involved? What does insurance cover, and how much will treatment cost? Doctors are legally required to disclose this information and more before performing medical procedures. We trust doctors to appropriately assess our individual needs and formulate optimal treatment plans that place our health at top priority. This includes providing comprehensive information regarding available options. Before treatment, most states require explicit patient understanding of the following:

  • The qualifications of the doctor performing the procedure
  • Your precise medical condition
  • The purpose of the proposed procedure
  • Any health-related risks involved
  • Any alternative treatments or procedures available, and the risks involved
  • The chances that the procedure will be successful
  • Expected recovery time and prospective implications or concerns
  • The approximate cost of the procedure and whether it’s likely covered by your health insurance

Lack of informed consent can have devastating consequences on every facet of a patient’s well-being. Unanticipated recovery time, health complications, and unforeseen medical expenses can result when providers fail to present correct information to the patient. If you received unauthorized non-emergency medical treatment, or if accurate information was not disclosed prior to your procedure, you may have legal options.

The Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC takes medical malpractice very seriously. If you were blindsided by undisclosed expenses or unknown risks or consequences of treatment, Joseph M. Kar will fight to protect your right to informed consent. You may be entitled to compensation for financial damages, lost wages, physical and emotional distress, and more, depending on your circumstances. Recovery is still within reach. Contact the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC today.