In many instances, prescription medications are a miraculous solution to devastating health conditions. Medications alleviate the pain of major injuries and surgeries, reduce the symptoms of chronic diseases, even save lives. But when errors are made, the consequences are often dangerous. When prescribed or administered incorrectly, prescription drugs may cause serious – sometimes fatal – harm to the patient.

Mistakes amounting to negligence can happen at any stage of the medication process. Incorrect prescriptions exacerbate the severity of a missed or wrong diagnosis. Doctors sometimes prescribe medications known to cause life-threatening reactions with a patient’s existing regimen. In other circumstances, they fail to adequately warn of a drug’s risks and side effects. Even illegible handwriting on paper prescriptions can cause pharmacists to administer the wrong medication. Nurses occasionally make mistakes when administering intravenous treatments. Pharmacists commit negligence when they fill prescriptions with an incorrect dosage, or the wrong drug altogether.

If you are a victim of medication-related malpractice, Joseph M. Kar can lead you through available legal options. The destructive effects of prescription errors should not be downplayed. Unfortunately, past mistakes cannot be erased. However, compensation for your misfortune can be obtained. Mr. Kar will assess your case to determine the origin of the error, and take appropriate action to achieve the best possible outcome for your scenario. Contact the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC now.