When elderly family members can no longer adequately take care of themselves, nursing homes and elderly care facilities are often the best option for their well-being. But much of the hesitance we face when making such a decision is due to a fear of possible abuse or neglect of our loved ones. Unfortunately, these anxieties are well founded. As the elderly population rises, so does the incidence of abuse. It is estimated that over two million Americans over the age of sixty are victims of abuse; much of which transpires in nursing homes, where laws and regional regulations are frequently unchecked.

Nursing home abuse and neglect takes on many forms. It can be financial, emotional, sexual, physical, and even medical. In many facilities, staff members are underqualified and may not have been screened thoroughly. Understaffing is a problem that can lead to negligence when residents are denied the care they need. Medication errors are relatively common, and for seniors who rely on prescription medications to manage various conditions, the consequences can be fatal. Technically, negligence is defined by any failure of a caregiver to appropriate proper care, and should always be reported. The reality is that negligence in nursing homes is under-reported and often goes unnoticed until it is too late.

If you or a loved one falls victim to nursing home abuse or neglect at any level, it is critical to take action before the act – and its consequences – escalates. The agencies responsible for regulating elderly care facilities may be unresponsive to reports. Joseph M. Kar will approach your claim with the seriousness and urgency it deserves. Nursing homes are generally represented by insurance companies that are concerned with money rather than care, and will attempt to cut corners on your abuse case.

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