Today, automobiles and automobile accessories are held to a higher safety standard than ever before. However, worst-case scenarios often reveal manufacturing errors, or more severe negligence when manufacturers cut corners, jeopardizing customer safety to maximize profit. Unfortunately, this cruel practice is still a reality in the industry. Car components and accessories, especially after-market parts, can fail to adequately protect the customer’s safety when vehicular accidents and crashes occur. The results can be devastating. As well as material damage, defective car accessories (including seat belts, child seats, tires, and airbags, among many other parts) can cause severe injury, even death.


If you, a child, or a loved one was harmed by a defective vehicle accessory, the product’s manufacturer may be held liable. It is important to seek legal counsel to assess your options. Joseph M. Kar will fight for rightful compensation for damage, injury, medical expenses, or wrongful death. Your safety should always be the top priority. To move along with your case, and your life, contact the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC immediately.