When products such as toys, tools, chemicals, or other products are made, laws protect consumers and users of these products from the manufacturer, seller, distributor, or culpable parties negligence and defective product.  Product liability law has become mainstream and helps victims of bad businesses recover money damages for personal and economic injuries.

Product Defects or Product Liability law works to determine who is responsible for damages or injury resulting from dangerous or defective products sold to consumers or commercially available.  Depending on the type of product, your claim, and the liability around that product, can fall on any number of people or entitles in the distribution chain, starting all the way up to with the manufacturer and ending down with the consumer seller, such as the specific retail store that ends up selling the defective product to you or your loved one.

There are several different types of product liability claims, including a manufacturer’s failure to guard against obvious dangers, product known dangers or defects, and failure to design products or mechanically implement a product or service in a manner to avoid harm.  State of the art technology sometimes plays a factor, as well as some common claims arising by way of defective design or manufacturing and failure to provide adequate warnings or instructions on the proper use.

The Law Office of Joseph M. Kar PC is well versed on the manufacturing process and knows how to best protect your interests when it comes to Product Liability claims and cases.  Mr. Kar has experience in finding solutions to your claim for personal injury or claims for a loved one hurt by a bad-corporate citizen that sells or promotes the sale of a defective and dangerous product.

Whether the injury was caused by an unsafe children’s toy that should have been recalled, a kitchen appliance that is improperly designed, or building materials that use substandard or dangerous substances, harmful food products, or any defective automobile or vehicle part, this firm will pursue the case professionally to hold the responsible parties to a favorable outcome for you. Please contact the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC today if you have been injured by a dangerous or defective product or company—we’re here to give you expert legal guidance every step of the way.