Every time a driver gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, they assume an infinite array of unpredictable risks inherent to driving. Road conditions, traffic, weather, and other drivers present unavoidable hazards to automobile operators and passengers. The list of potential dangers on the road is long enough – take look at this list of the worst intersections in Los Angeles for some startling examples. The hazards of driving should not be compounded by faulty manufacturing of the vehicle itself.

Despite the efforts of regulators and manufacturers, manufacturing errors do occur in the automobile industry. Negligence at any stage of the assembly or design process can endanger the lives of drivers, passengers, and bystanders. Faulty or improperly designed air bags, seats, gas tanks, engine components, and more often turn minor traffic collisions into life-threatening catastrophes, or fail spontaneously during a routine commute. While such dangers are incredibly severe, manufacturers are often reluctant to assume responsibility for their failures.

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