You rely on your household appliances to keep your daily routine running smoothly and hassle-free. But what happens when your house is poisoned by carbon monoxide leaking from the stove burner, or the lint in your dryer ignites? Electrical malfunctions due to faulty appliances are a leading cause of house fires; in a separate category, washers and dryers alone accounted for over $236 million in property damages in 2010.

If you fell victim to a house fire or other catastrophe caused by household appliances, negligent manufacturing may be to blame. Improperly designed or manufactured appliances, including furnaces, washer and dryer machines, ovens, stoves, and more present dangerous risks to users and their families. The damage they cause is severe: property destruction, injury, and death are possible. When dysfunctional appliances wreak havoc on your life, contact the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar P.C.

As an experienced attorney, Joseph M. Kar P.C. will conduct a thorough investigation of the cause and consequences of your disaster. Compensation for property damage, injury, death, and suffering can be attained. Do not hesitate to pursue legal action today by calling us at 818-501-6930.