When medical devices intended to save lives fail, the consequences can be fatally dangerous. Stryker Hip Implants are an alarming example of defective medical devices. Complications associated with the implant include bone loss, nerve damage, muscle injury, and tumors; thousands of lawsuits have been filed due to the implant’s notorious defects and the disproportionate damages it caused.

Defectively manufactured medical devices, defectively designed devices, and devices marketed defectively all provide grounds for product liability claims. When devices fail, putting the user in serious personal danger, device manufactures, sales representatives, suppliers, clinics, and doctors may be held responsible. If you are affected by the consequences of a faulty medical device, do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Joseph M. Kar, PC for sophisticated legal representation. You deserve compensation for your undue suffering.

Other Types of medical devices that can fail causing you harm and illness:

  • defibrillators (small electronic devices implanted in the patient’s heart that deliver electric shocks to maintain normal heart rhythm)
  • stents (tubes, sometimes drug-coated, inserted into an artery to prevent blockage)
  • implants (synthetic devices implanted to restore function to the patient’s disabled body part, such as a hip or shoulder), and
  • contraceptive devices.